In the second part of this episode of Dr Laura: Where Work Meets Life™ – Dr. Laura joins Detective Dave Sweet, author of “Skeletons in My Closet once more to talk about choosing positivity over cynicism when faced with the world’s troubles. Dave details his work with charitable organizations that seek to put silver linings in tragedy.



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Dr. Laura revisits the tragedy surrounding her nieces that first drew her and Dave together, and they share a story about connectedness, some might call an affirmation, involving a painting. The messages that Dave shares through his charity work and book are about awareness and empowerment. As a homicide detective, he sees some of the worst tragedies that can befall people, but he chooses positivity and actions that make a difference.

“I wanted to be part of an organization that was supporting and empowering women not to go back to their abuser. Gems [for Gems] spoke to me on that level. I was introduced to the organization through a family that I had already been supporting who had lost a daughter to intimate partner violence. And once I started to learn more about intimate partner violence, I really came to learn that 85% of the time the abuser is a man. And so if men are going to be the biggest part of the problem, then we have to also be part of the solution. I mean, it just makes sense.” – Dave Sweet


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