At Synthesis Psychology we are a team of Registered Psychologists who are dedicated to promoting personal growth in a supportive environment. Our mission is to help you connect to your wholeness, however that looks for you. For some, it may mean connecting or finding missing pieces in their lives, while for others a sense of wholeness requires healing wounded parts. Wholeness can also be about tweaking one or two things in our life that aren’t working for us anymore.

During counselling we help you to explore and understand your situation, options, and strengths to help you to overcome limitations and achieve your goals. Each client is unique and we will adapt to your needs and circumstances to provide the best possible support.

Our team can provide assistance in a number of areas using a variety of therapy approaches. Please visit our services page for a comprehensive list.

Contact us today at 403-261-5085 to book your free fifteen minute consultation.
*We are not a Crisis Centre, if you’re in imminent distress, please call 911*