Make a Game Plan to Ease Social Pressures

  • Don’t overcommit to gatherings
  • Use your energy levels to guide your decisions
  • Set time boundaries for events to support meaningful interaction
  • Give yourself permission to embrace JOMO – the joy of missing out!

Practice Kindness

  • Pause before reacting — people show stress in different ways
  • Give people time and set an intention to listen this season

Reflect Upon and Honor Your Learnings from 2022

  • Make time to celebrate navigating another unusual year
  • Ask yourself: How many changes have you had to make this year?
  • What’s one challenge you feel good about overcoming?
  • Try writing down your answers or sharing with a friend

Work Through Emotions

  • Be proactive and be creative!
  • Find your preferred outlet
  • Some suggestions:
    • Exercising and physical movement
    • Writing and drawing
    • Singing and playing music

Wrap Yourself Up in Nostalgia

  • Many of us find security in holiday traditions and rituals
  • Lean into your favourite tradition — whether it’s watching movies, baking cookies, or sitting by the fireplace with a good book

Get Outside

  • Take time out from tech and step into the snow and sunshine
  • Fresh air and exercise are proven to combat fatigue and give our minds a new take on situations

By Melissa Gray, M.Sc., Registered Psychologist