On this episode of Dr Laura: Where Work Meets Life™ – Dr. Laura is thrilled to welcome author, Music Therapist, and Founder of JB Music Therapy, Jennifer Buchanan, to the show to talk about the therapeutic benefits of music.



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Dr. Laura has personal experience with how JB Music Therapy helped her mother through late-stage dementia, and together she and Jennifer explore the wellness aspects of music and Jennifer’s new book “Wellness, Wellplayed”.

Jennifer Buchanan had her moment of epiphany about music’s therapeutic power when she was a tween asked to sing and play guitar for her ailing Granddad. Jennifer explains exactly what music therapy is and how her company employs it in different instances. She shares how her book “Wellness, Wellplayed” focuses on the inherent power of a playlist, and who will benefit from reading her books. This conversation sheds light on a beautiful aspect of wellness that offers so much but is sometimes overlooked as a therapeutic option or important habit.

“I was worrying and I always was feeling like all I want to do is hide. But the music kept pulling me out and helping me make my next best decisions. And that’s essentially what I wrote about in the book, is around that science of how music legitimately works. It takes us from that whirr and that worry, slips us into the creative process of our hippocampus so we’re able to make that executive decision and good decisions moving forward.” – Jennifer Buchanan



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