Aaron Telnes, M.C.

Aaron strives to help his clients with their mental health through fostering client strengths, promoting self-awareness, discerning and implementing goals, and strategic problem-solving. Aaron draws on his experience as a crisis counsellor to support clients and facilitate change in even the most challenging and uncomfortable situations. Aaron also draws on his experience as a yoga practitioner to incorporate mindfulness effectively into the therapeutic relationship. Aaron endeavours to accommodate his clients by incorporating therapeutic styles and intervention strategies from client-centered, cognitive-behavioural, and mindfulness therapies.

Aaron has a passion for working with clients across the anxiety spectrum; including, generalized anxiety, panic, social anxiety, and phobias. Aaron also actively works with clients struggling with depression, addiction, emotional regulation, interpersonal conflicts, communication issues, self-esteem/confidence, and life transitions.

Aaron is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta. Aaron is also a Special Affiliate with the Canadian Psychological Association. Aaron completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology, from the University of Calgary. While completing his Bachelor of Arts degree he completed a research study investigating the effectiveness of a short-term problem-solving intervention on performance anxiety. Aaron also holds a Master of Counselling degree from the University of Calgary. Throughout the completion of his Master of Counselling, he focused his research in the areas of social anxiety and improving mental health at the individual and organizational levels.

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